A Review of "Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn"

On 1st June 1943, over the Bay of Biscay, eight German Junkers shot down a commercial aircraft flying from Lisbon to Bristol. All thirteen on board died. After what must have been just a few brief, but terrifying, moments of violent gunfire, flames and smoke, the swirling, inhospitable seas claimed one of its most famous and nobly heroic victims -- Leslie Howard.

The German pilots returned to base, their grim orders carried out to the letter. The only sign of their destruction, a plume of steam hovering over the waves. The worlds of cinema and theatre had lost one of its finest and most glamorous talents; England and her Allies had lost a patriotically committed voice, and two children had lost a loving and devoted father.

It is this latter, family element that shines through most brightly and touches one’s heart in Tom Hamilton’s masterly ninety minute documentary on the life of the film star. Of course, the actors glittering career is all here. From post-First World War stage successes in London and New York to his early roles in Hollywood in films such as ‘Outward Bound’ and ‘The Petrified Forest’ which would in due course lead on to classics such as ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ and ‘Pygmalion’.

But Hamilton’s documentary begins, as it surely must, with an in-depth analysis of the part and film for which Howard is most famous, but as we are entertainingly informed here, liked the least--Ashley Wilkes in ‘Gone With The Wind’.

There is much previously unseen film footage to be enjoyed in ‘The Man Who Gave A Damn’ which surprisingly manages to give the documentary an incredibly fresh and almost modern feel. The myriad interviews with former colleagues of the star, and others also with a professional interest, help to keep the story moving along with energy, humour and compassion.

But there are three strands to this biography that Hamilton weaves together that transport it to a different class of film star documentary altogether. Firstly, the use of generous helpings of home-movie footage, none of which I can remember ever having seen before. This is then linked skilfully with extensive interviews with Howard’s daughter, Doodie. Without question, it is she who provides the very special emotional core of the film. And finally, and this must be Hamilton’s greatest stroke of genius, there is Derek Partridge as narrator and interviewer. This is the same Derek Partridge who, as a young boy, was asked to give up his seat on Flight 777 from Lisbon to Bristol, so that Leslie Howard might take it in his place. Appropriately, Partridge, remains a shadowy presence. It is Howard’s story, and both Partridge and Hamilton never allow it to become anything else. Even at the very end, as Partridge recalls his innocent involvement in Howard’s final meeting with destiny, the overall tone is restrained, understated. Just as it should be when dealing with a man like Leslie Howard.

George Cukor once commented, ‘Leslie Howard was mysterious in a very odd way and his death was mysterious too. He sort of went off in a cloud and one never knew what happened to him’.

He was right. By disappearing in that dreadful cloud of fire and smoke, in death Leslie Howard ultimately managed to ‘out-Pimpernel’ even one of his most famous creations, Sir Percy Blakeney.

But even Blakeney’s heroics would not have been enough to bring Howard back from those deathly waters. But then, he hasn’t had to. Because now, almost seventy years later, Tom Hamilton has done just that. For ninety sublime, moving and compelling minutes, the Bay of Biscay’s inhospitable waves have parted, the steam and smoke subsided, and the enigmatic and mysterious Leslie Howard is with us once more.



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Indiegogo Campaign to Complete Both Leslie Howard Projects

"Leslie Howard: The Man who Gave a Damn" AND 
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This has been a long journey for all of us, but thanks to the loyalty and commitment of Derek Partridge and others involved, these two films are almost ready for release. We plan to market these extensively through festivals as well as at special events – for fan clubs, World War II devotees, Universities, as well as at events for other interested parties.  I will be attending an event in Portugal later this year where we will present a screening.

And of course we want to be able to release these films on DVD and market them to the widest audience possible.

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As stated in our Campaign video the costs of Post production and carrying out the necessary clearances on a documentary of this nature, which relies on archival material to a considerable degree, is expensive.

 However these costs can be broken down a bit to what is absolutely necessary to give a basic as is “legal to show” status (which would essentially mean a fairly Spartan project purely featuring the interviews and footage we shot, with minimal production music, visual finishing etc.)  However, a higher level of funds would enable the productions to be completed to the standard I originally envisaged.


In order to make this clear I’ve broken the funds we need down to three tiers:

Bronze level goals, Silver Level Goals & Gold Level Goals.





I think Leslie Howard is an unfairly neglected figure -- a wonderful actor and a great human being who managed to carve out a very unique career across a variety of media.

I have dreamt of finishing and releasing these documentaries, and I'm sure they will revive interest in Leslie and his career. 



Even if you are unable to contribute directly, you can still help with this campaign.  Tell your friends, post links to the video on your facebook pages, tell your parents, tell your grandparents! 

Leslie has a really special appeal to people and his films constantly win him new fans. 

Why not organize a Leslie Howard night?  If you're based in the UK, I might even be able to come along and treat you and your guests to a sneak preview (provided you can cover my transport and basic accomodiation, I'm happy to do this). 




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Leslie Ruth Howard Passes Away


January 9th 2013: A sad day indeed. Early this morning I received an email from Fenella Howard telling me of the passing of her beloved Aunt Doodie - yesterday afternoon, peacefully in her sleep. Whilst the news was not unexpected - Doodie had been ill for some time - it was still a truly saddening piece of news. 
As much as Leslie, her father, was unique amongst movie stars - so Doodie was one unique lady - funny, irreverent, kindly, occasionally scathing and a true Brit. No one who met her or got to know this remarkable lady will ever forget her - for myself and Tracy meeting Doodie proved to be life changing. I treasure the friendship that developed between us and my heartfelt condolences go to her many family members.

Tom Hamilton, Repo Films


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